Dan Shih for Washington State House

Sole recipient of the highest rating!


Dan Shih is “a path-finding and respected leader” who “brings knowledge and creativity to issues facing the office.”


“He has the disposition and talent to be a diligent, creative, workhorse lawmaker.”

“Dan will be a champion for the well-being and education of the children of our state, especially those most at risk.”

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With my husband and our daughters, who attend Seattle public schools

I’m running for state representative because I love our state and want to make it a more just place for everyone.  That means advancing progressive values, protecting the vulnerable, and giving voice to diverse perspectives.

I’ll be focused on getting things done in Olympia.

Here are some of my goals:

  • Fully fund our public schools and eliminate the achievement gap
  • Make housing affordable for everyone
  • Expand mass transit and reduce congestion
  • Reduce the cost of college and expand vocational programs
  • Protect our environment and enact carbon pricing
  • Reform our broken and regressive tax system

Click on the tabs above to learn about my Background and my positions on some of the Issues facing the legislature.

I hope I can earn your vote!

Dan Shih